The Police mashupbootleg!

Volume 3 is another band of the eighties, The Police.

Thanks to all the producers who have made these mashups



01 jamie74 / just a little roxanne

02 fred doest / 123,4,breathe

03 hybird / message influx

04 party ben / every car you chase

05 mash2mix / fiction stings

06 divide and kreate / every christmas you fake

07 leebuzz / put on the superfreak

08 mighty mike / every beautiful girl

09 martinn / every single englishman

10 ben double m / walking on magento moon

11 aggro1 / roxanned to death

12 gaston / council truth

13 markyboy / efree breath you take

14 ben double m / every breath takes me to the sun


download zipfile here



3 Responses to “The Police mashupbootleg!”

  1. 1 SDK
    August 1, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Link to The Police mashup album works, but no download box shows, have tried this loads of times now with no joy, any chance you can upload it somewhere else, I really wanna hear this stuff. Thanks

  2. 3 SDK
    August 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Still no joy, thats the link Ive already tried, I get the countdown for the download, but no box arrives to enable me to save the download. It appears to be a problem with Div share, can you upload it elsewhere please, or email it directly to my addy above?, great thanks.

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about the mashup bootleg series

The mashup bootleg series by mashupfacts. The concept is simple, collect the best mashups of a well known artist, organize them into a compilation and present it to the world. Enjoy them!

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