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The Duran Duran mashupbootleg!

The second bootleg is one of my favorite bands of the eighties, Duran Duran. 14 tracks good stuff. Thanks to all the producers who have made these mashups

01 dj tripp / superfreaks on film

02 mash2mix / serious toxic

03 go home productions / notorious trick

04 5ose / come undone in my funeral

05 totom / hungry like the t rex

06 cheekyboy / so sick undone

07 dj clive$ter / white clocks

08 m agterhuis / nice music

09 lobsterdust / holla at dem girls on film

10 dj gizmo / it’s comma undone

11 fettdog / save the other side

12 fake ID / fake reflex

13 clive$ter / together undone

14 cheekyboy / notorious booty

 download here


about the mashup bootleg series

The mashup bootleg series by mashupfacts. The concept is simple, collect the best mashups of a well known artist, organize them into a compilation and present it to the world. Enjoy them!